Implementation of Chatbot in Online Commerce, and Open Innovation

ecommerce chatbot case study

With more than 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app. We have added a set of user-friendly features, for instance, a menu-based format that ensures a smooth interaction with a digital assistant and optimizes service quality. For the best results, define your goals clearly, and set a road map for what the chatbot is supposed to do exactly (and what not). In addition, there are a lot more use cases for AI bots in e-commerce than for regular bots, which will increase your return on investment. Chatbots don’t need to sleep, they don’t get sick, and they never go on vacation. Instead, they are available to help your customers around the clock.

Using a WhatsApp Chatbot, customers can be automatically handed-off to respective agents. The AI Chatbot for WhatsApp allows you to answer all of your customers’ purchase decision queries. Instead of having to scroll through a 40 page FAQ document or wait 24 hours for an email, empower customers with an engaging, immediate solution. As a result, you’ll be fully equipped to provide superior customer service and experiences across all of your customers’ favorite channels. The chatbot takes the user through the stages of ordering a pizza in a simple and engaging way – from choosing toppings to selecting a time slot for delivery. While Insomnobot3000 might not be directly creating sales, it’s definitely driving brand awareness.

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Now that you’seen the advantages and use cases of AI chatbots in e-commerce, let’s take a look at a few companies that are growing their business with bots. Let’s say a customer wants to get a new cover for their smartphone, but the bot knows that your shop is currently offering a special discount for headphones. The bot tells the customer about the deal, and the customer realizes that she actually also needs new headphones and gets them as well. In the end, the customer had a better shopping experience, saved money, and you improved your revenue. Users might go to one shop, check out an item, put it in their shopping cart, then decide to check if they can find the same product cheaper somewhere else or compare different products.

For example, our customer PURELEI was able to speed up AHT by letting their virtual agent collect intents like “wrong” or “missing item” in chat conversations. It would note the order number, name, and images of the item up front, then escalate to a human agent. There was 5 times more engagement on social over this period with over 13,000 people interacting with the brand.

Think of this as product recommendations, but more conversational like a chat with the salesperson you met. You can use a chatbot to answer queries around sizing guides, product variants, pricing, and ongoing discounts they can redeem, or even make product recommendations based on what they’re looking for. Here are some other reasons chatbots are so important for improving your online shopping experience. Customer service is the function to which bots have been applied the most. In order to make an emotional connection with your customer, your chatbot should have a personality – name, appearance, tone, etc.

Personalized Customer Experience

Once delivered, the customer can try all the clothes ordered, and decide to buy or reject each product. The customer will have 30 minutes to try all the products while the delivery guy waits. In case the customer chooses to buy a product (let’s assume the selling price is 100 AED), the trial fee is waived off and adjusted to the cost of the product. The customer can then pay the changed amount (AED 93) online on the app or via cash to the delivery guy.

An eCommerce chatbot is a computer program that simulates real conversion and helps customers get information or complete a purchase. It can include AI and is built to automatically engage with received messages. Whole Foods launched a really popular bot that sends recipes, product recommendations, and cooking inspiration to the user. It drives users to their site and makes a really interactive online user experience. Roof is a chatbot for the real estate industry that helps companies funnel leads to the right rep and helps customers pick properties that they are interested in and schedule site visits live. Haptik ‘s bot-building platform — Smart Skills, is built to cater to this need only.

Using a WhatsApp Chatbot for Business, you can get customers to give you their details by adding a click-to-chat link to your marketing or advertising offerings. The eCommerce industry is home to a variety of customer support demons. It can be deployed within your website, app, and via messaging channels, to provide lightning-fast answers to all your digital customers. Either way, the chatbot definitely engaged the British public, raised donations, and promoted the brand during it’s 6 week run. Through the bot, users can book a makeover appointment in their nearest Sephora store. Built to recognise postcodes and cities, the bot can locate the closest Sephora location based on either detail.

ecommerce chatbot case study

But for social media chatbots, you’ll need to explore Shopify apps. Customers often require human interaction when purchasing online, such as for support, information, or for registering grievances. However, it is not possible to offer human customer support that can operate around the clock for multiple time zones. Thus, AI chatbots play a pivotal role in enhancing customer engagement by providing quick and personalized interactions.

Some ecommerce chatbots, like Heyday, do this in multiple languages. In this article, we explain 5 reasons why businesses, like never before, are depending on chat as their primary customer service solution. Haptik spoke to representatives of top e-commerce companies, who provided examples of how they have successfully transitioned to chatbots as a customer service solution. Another successful use case of e-commerce chatbots is providing customers with personalized on-site search results. This way online retailers could increase conversion rate since the bot finds the right products for customers that suit their particular size and color. In addition, such chatbots improve the customer journey by making it smooth and short.

Thus, the effects of consumers’ trust on their approach response are larger than that on their averting response. Disclosure of the chatbot moderates the relationship between empathy and consumers’ trust toward the chatbot, such that the positive relationship is stronger when the identity of the chatbot is disclosed. As aforementioned, “organism” refers to individuals’ cognitive or affective condition.

In fact, for the average small and medium e-commerce business, 70-95% of revenue comes from upsells and renewals. Now, with the use of chatbots in e-commerce, retailers could increase customer acquisition, retention and build customer loyalty. A wide range of use cases of AI chatbots for e-commerce and social media platforms integration opens new perspectives for your online business. Avoid abandoned carts by using conversational AI to remind customers that they have an unfinished order. According to data from Zendesk, customer satisfaction ratings for live chat (85%) are second only to phone support (91%). The very first place you should consider implementing a chatbot is your own online store.

If you’ve been trying to find answers to what chatbots are, their benefits and how you can put them to work, look no further. As an ecommerce store owner or marketer, it is becoming increasingly important to keep consumers engaged alongside the other functions to keep a business running. Advertising through ai chatbots is a more economical and efficient way of reaching customers than traditional means.

ecommerce chatbot case study

Best of all, the lowest conversion rate from hashtag engagement to tickets purchased was a staggering 50%. With them, you’re guaranteed 365 days of politeness and in some cases, light banter. While chatbots do require some initial investment, they’ll save a business a lot of money in the long run. As the system is automated, it cuts down on staffing costs – robots never get tired or need a vacation.

Ecommerce companies can also use WhatsApp chatbot to push data directly to their CRM or database, enabling customers to order from the comfort of their phones. WhatsApp chat interface is extremely simple to use as users can receive real-time updates on products under their chosen category. What this means is that users can directly select the best deals for the product categories that most interest them, instead of navigating the entire website searching for products they like.

ecommerce chatbot case study

Get your weekly three minute read on making every customer interaction both personable and profitable. Different, clever, and fun, Insomnobot 3000 has generated press and definitely got people talking. As Casper VP Lindsay Kaplan stated ‘Some nights, it’s just impossible to fall asleep, so I think Casper wanted to create something that’s a friend that keeps you up at night’. Operating between the hours of 11pm and 5am, Insomnobot3000 is designed to be a companion for people with insomnia. For the non-Brits out there, PG Tips is a tea brand owned by the multinational company Unilever.

ecommerce chatbot case study

Zalora saved a lot of man-hours and provided excellent customer support without human intervention. Samaritan integrates with ContactPigeon’s platform, offering a valuable eCommerce data set that highlights visitor activities, user referrals, and much more. The Samaritan tool lets a business owner deploy multiple chat agents, saving hiring costs. A business owner doesn’t have to have a whole call center to support operations. A conversational experience that resonates and connects with your audience will empower you to thrive and succeed in the ultra-competitive ecommerce marketplace. Having a successful chatbot heavily depended on the data it received, as wrong context could lead to poor performance.

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